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jeudi 4 septembre 2008

GOGS - Cap Skirring - Senegal

The original GOGS Cap Skirring scenery was created for Flight Simulator by François van Opstal, who was kind enough to allow me to convert and adapt his work to X-Plane.

Please refer to the included original documentation for details and original ReadMe's.

You can contact François van Opstal to thank him here:


and his work is available for FS here:


The scenery comes with an all new, made-from-scratch apt.dat, based on the little official info available and google-earth.


This package is enhanced with objects from the OpenSceneryX
library and wont work propperly without it.
For those who do not have it yet, you can download the latest
package installer here:


Please note: The screenshots, even if quite close to the current version, come from an intermediary version of GOGS, meaning the version you're about to download has improved a lot...but i lack time to make screens again, sorry :)

Have Fun !

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