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samedi 6 août 2011

XP-Africa goes XPFR!

Dear XP-Africa users,

since March 7th 2008, XP-Africa has worked on bringing X-Plane users the best X-Plane scenery files for the African continent.

This project has always been an offspring of the XPFR project, which i'm proud of being a part of since 2007. XP-Africa took its roots there, as well a its values, defending freeware and trying to honour designers and users by delivering highy quality content.

Aside of the nostalgic bullsh*t, every minute spent on this project, as well as every contact we've had with our beloved users over the years have been a joy and the effort always seemed to be well-rewarded by those few kind words.

Today, i'm temporarily out of time to work on anything X-Plane, Piet is out of time to work on anything X-Plane as well, and as you've probably all noticed, the project ran into the sand many moons ago.

A few day ago, a fellow XPFR member who also develops for XP-Africa mentioned something about XP-Africa on XPFR's private development forum and proposed that both projects should be fused together, XP-Africa disappearing as an independent entity and becoming part of XPFR.
Since i haven't been able to develop anything for XP-Africa lately, i had been playing with that thought myself for months. So to me, that's the greatest gift the project could ever have received. Both projects had always been linked intimately, with their files hosted on the same servers and some of the designers/converters working on both projects.
In short, XP-Africa will no longer continue to exist as it does today and all the content found here will from now on be available from XPFR.

Most importantly, the action of fusing XP-Africa into XPFR will, in my humble opinion, have only positive effects: The project lives on, maintained by passionate X-Plane developers who, as a group, have more time and more skills than i'd ever have been able to accumulate, even with Piet's gracious help.

So in the end, this is not the death of XP-Africa. It's the asurance that the project and the files that it has spawned will live on, be maintained, updated and that new African sceneries will be created to complete the work started here on XP-Africa.

Now, to the technicalities:

Most of you FS developers who have graciously authorized us to convert and adapt your wortk to X-Plane have already given their OK for this transfer. Some of you have been imposible to reach or have not yet found time to answer my requests.
Please contact me over the usual channel or over XPFR's user contact form if you have anything to object to the said transfer.
Jut so you know, the terms and conditions under which your work i being distributed for X-Plane does not change a bit: It is and always remain freeware, we maintain a single download location, all credits are clearly mentioned in the read-me's and the original documentation pertaining to the original FS file are included in the download.
To put it short, XP-Africa has fetched it's ethics from my experience with XPFR and both project share the same respect for copyright and the same passion for quality, freeware add-ons.
So technically, nothing will change behind the scenes, only the portal where users will fetch their content changes.

XP-Africa will progressively shut down over the coming month and remain open until the transfer to XPFR is complete.

I will also send out a last XP-Africa newsletter to ask you guys wether or not you'd like to be integrated to the XPFR mailing list in the future or if wish to have your address removed permanently.

See you soon on XPFR

Kind Regards,


Release Map for XP-Africa - last update: April 16th, 2008