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vendredi 5 septembre 2008

GOGG - Ziguinchor - Senegal V2

The original GOGG Ziguinchor scenery was created for Flight Simulator by Frédéric Kabalu, who was kind enough to allow me to convert and adapt his work to X-Plane.

Please refer to the included original documentation for details and original ReadMe's.

You can visit his website and leave him a little thank you here:


What has changed since v0.1b?:

The apt.dat file has been somewhat corrected and enhanced.
Also, i have retrieved some missing objects and textures and modified the code of some objects so they show propperly in x-plane.
There are also some new objects and lights and the forestation has been cut down a bit to give more space around the runway as it seems to be in reality. The tower viewpoint has been reset and i have finally added custom starting locations on the apron.


This package is enhanced with objects from the OpenSceneryX
library and wont work propperly without it.
For those who do not have it yet, you can download the latest
package installer here:


For those of you who still want to get v0.1b for any reason, i removed it from the downloads list but it will stay available for download HERE

Have Fun!

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