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dimanche 21 février 2010

GOSS - Saint-Louis - Sénégal v2.0

Dear XP-Africa users,

It's a great pleasure for the XP-Africa team to present this new version of Saint-Louis Airport in Senegal.

(the messed up fence in the screenshot has been corrected since...)
The original GOSS Saint-Louis scenery was created for Flight Simulator by Jean Charbonnel, who was kind enough to allow us to convert and adapt his work to X-Plane.

You can visit his website and leave him a little thank you here:


This V2 uses photoreal ground textures created using Mario Cavicchi's excellent GMaps script (http://members.ferrara.linux.it/cavicchi/GMaps/)
as well as static and animated objects by Al-Youx, Beber, pixelmaster and Mr3D (Truck, IVECO, LandRover,birds, grass etc. ...).
It also featured the now closed (but rendered useable for your pleasure) 01/19 runway, more realistic surroundings and a corercted apt.dat . Night lighting and other goodies and eye-candy features have been added as well.


This package is enhanced with objects from the OpenSceneryX
library and won't work propperly without it.
For those who do not have it yet, you can download the latest
package installer here:


Have Fun & Fly Safe !

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