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lundi 8 juin 2009

GOOY - Dakar Yoff - Léopold Sédar Senghor - Sénégal v1.5

XP-Africa is happy to introduce a new, revised version of GOOY-Dakar-Sénégal.

The original GOOY - Dakar scenery was created for Flight Simulator
by Jean Charbonnel, who was kind enough to allow me to convert and adapt
his work to X-Plane.

Changelog for v1.5:
- We now have (almost) realistic night lighting on the main Apron and car park !
(It still needs a bit of iprovement, but i'm quite happy with the result)
- New textures for some objects that missed propper textures (instead of the infamous fs2x palette file).
- Some objects replaced by more pertinent ones.
- Some minor changes to the apt.dat, including exact tower view positioning.
- A few new animated objects here and there as well as various other refinements.
- The tree-galore around the airport has been suppressed, it all looks a lot better now in X-Plane v9.x .
- Some odd/misplaced objects have been suppressed and some ground textures
that provoqued flickering have been replaced by some work on the apt.dat

Coming up in v2.0:

- Mainly a completely revised apt.dat, to fit real-world data and GMaps/G2XPL overlays - this is the big chunk and that's why it's truly going to be a v2.0 - i don't have time for that right now, maybe sometime this summer.
- A new set of revised textures and night textures for some of the main buildings (some textures are too low-def and some night textures are just way too bright)
- Some "split" objects will be reassembled and retextured.
A big thanks out to Al-Youx and Beber for their great animated objects and lighthouses! :D

Please refer to the included original documentation for details and charts.


This package is enhanced with objects from the OpenSceneryX
library .
For those who do not have it yet, you can download the latest
package installer here:


Made an tested in X-plane v9.2 & v9.30b12

Have fun & fly safe !

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