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vendredi 7 mars 2008

Hello there,

Just a short post to introduce XP-Africa.
My goal here will be to provide quality scenery creations and conversions from FS packages for the region of Africa. X-Plane doesn't have so much scenes for Africa yet, so i hope you'll like our work. This project is supposed to serve the X-Plane community and i'd love it to become a true community project. I'm also happy to connect the FS and X-Plane communities a bit more by starting this collaboration with Frédéric Kabalu who's scenes will all be converted, including the future releases he's curently preparing for FS.

We'll start in this month of March 2008 with the sceneries for Dakar GOOY and Banjul GBYD in their first beta version. Both are pretty much finished for the airports part but i promised myself to have the city of Dakar around the airport ready for GOOY v1.0.
In addition we will also have the scenes for the Gabun Airports, hopefully coming before end of the month.

I would like to thank Frederic Kabalu and Jean Charbonnel, creators of some beautiful Africa sceneries for FS, for their support in converting their scenery packages. I'd also like to thank Daniel Leygnat and the whole XPFR crew for their continuous support and giving me the motivation to make XP-Africa.

If anyone has interrest in participating to the project, contributing to scenery development or testing the realeases, please feel free to contact me as any helping hand is always welcome.

Furthermore, your opinion and comments about theses releases being one of my primary source of inspiration, you're warmly welcome to post them here.

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Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very much.Not much into scenery, but for Africa I make an exception; l'Afrique c'est chique.

If you want more feedback from other users, I suggest you include English language instructions on how to "Enregistrer un commentaire". Not everybody is bi-langual.

Tanzania sometime? I can provide you with very accurate taxi diagrams.


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